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February 13, 2011



So good to discover your Post! What beautiful pictures fill your spaces! As always I enjoy seeing what you have done and reading your thoughts, which always are meaningful! The glass pieces in the crystal bowl with the snowy background would make a pretty Christmas card. Yes, this has been a glorious day with the bright sun shine ALL day! And the fresh air , a warm 60 drgrees! So nice to see you, Miss Em and Lucy out walking and enjoying the pleasant weather! Best of all, we ,as always, enjoyed your visit! XOX, Mom


Hey! Nice work Jill. Give yourself a gentle squeeze. Love, DAD

Jilly Zaheer

Just love these photos- their colors- design and joyful feel! Wonderful!


sparkling sunshine here today
to the sound of melting snow...

sending you sunny love,
xox - eb.

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Well the spring has come and brings us lot of sun and warm, and also an explosion of colors and flowers all around us, bring us lots of joy and hope.

Jilly Zaheer

Just love the glass balls in the blue and green color palette. Striking. What a coincidence. I was working on putting together some still life
arrangements- and made one just like this. Just super!

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