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July 21, 2010



Oh goodness. I bet it feels good to be getting organized though!! Wish I was joining you!!


When I've freshly organized a space, I always think about what an absolute luxury it is! There's something absolutely liberating about having turned a mess into order....It's the process that's not so wonderful. ;)

Good for you!! Looks great!

Deb Lewis

Your space is looking great! Wish I had than organizing bug... I think I am down to one square foot of working space :0) Hope you are enjoying your summer days - I know school will start all too soon. Would love to see more of your wonderful photos! Deb


What a Fresh and Positive attitude! Each space you uncover is almost like discovering some thing very important! NEW SPACE!!!! Achieveing your ultimate goal will build your satisfaction and fulfill your desires for order! ! XOX, Mom


I love these photos, so bright, cheerful and interesting. the placement of your materials is great and convenient. XOX, Mom


You are very inspiring.

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