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May 16, 2010



Beautiful! Yes! Yes! Yes! Send more! XOX, Mom

Lisa Edwards

LOL I check in here every blue moon! I love your blog. I was nosing around here a few days ago looking for inspiration because I've been working on getting my elementary art education certification and remembered some of the beautiful student artwork you've posted in the past. I need more ideas! Hope you are well!!!


Thanks for continuing to show your lovely flowers in your garden! You know how much I enjoy them. They have a way of making a gloomy rainy day cheerful and happy! Always looking for creations from you, be it pictures, flowers, pics of your puppy dog and puppy dog grandson,your verses and thoughts oh yes, recent glimpses of your handsome kids! The last day of school is approaching soon! CELEBRATE!!! XOX, Mom


Beautiful!!! Aren't gardens the best?


Gorgeousness!!! So glad to see you back and blogging...thanks for the sunshine!


Jaassman1.....TWO DAYs TO GO! Then you can spend all the time you wish watching your beautiful yard and flowers GROW!!! XOX, Mom


Spring is looking so lovely in your neck of the woods!


that new addition to your family, could he be any cuter!!!


Maija Lepore

I'm here, and your flowers are gorgeous!!!


Hi Cutie!!

Love the flowers in your yard! When's dinner...we need a girls night!


Such beautiful flowers...

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