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August 07, 2007



well - Mom to Mom - what a cute post - and those round bottomed pups - so sweet and such endearing looks - as per Luna herself...

stretch whenever you are not planted on a chair - reach out and make some waves...

and base line your bottom
in soft pillows just in case

and wiggle and shimmy after all

that sitting...

I couldn't do it

xox - eb.


Your dogs are oh so cute, I whish I had a couple of those too! ;-) My bottom is very round, no matter how much I sit on it, hehe, but don't tell anyone. Love your photos Jill, and THANK You for your kind comment over at my blog!


The pincushion is darling. And you have very, very cute furbabies!

Mary Ann

Wow! Our traditional calendar schools don't start unti after Labor Day. YOu must get out in May...? I feel your pain in having to sit through imbecilic meetings where we are lectured to like children. Makes me misbehave. Then, perhaps your district treats you like professionals. Love the photos. YOu really do have a good eye!


Oh fat bottom girls....I'm feeling more like....oh I don't know...droopy bottom girls???


Oh that's too funny about the song!! I hope your rump bounces back quickly!


What a cutie cakes that puppy is :)

Art Tea Life there is a song for us FAT Bottomed Girls!
laughing. Well how about THAT. As long as it is celebrating Saggy Fat Bottoms too....I like it!

Oh you must be really over those meetings ! AND with the sanding mess going on...well P R O G R E S S hmmm? Let us name it PROGRESS!

Love the heart in dust !
Love the RED LEATHER Chair !

But really really LOVE , The Beagle Love.


Love the beagles - such a sap for fur kids. And my song would include the lyrics from "Baby Got Back." Hope you get to stand soon!


Wow You have beautiful fur babies!


Crikey, haven't heard that song for years...!


Well, as the song clearly states, "Fat Bottom Girls, you make the Rockin world go round, Get on you bikes and ride!!!" You just do what you gotta do!


Love "Fat Bottomed Girls! What wonderful pics of your dogs too!

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