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July 18, 2007


michelle ward

wowee jill! these are so festive and wild. you will be spreading some serious smiles along the mail route. thanks for playing and sharing your grooviness with the team.

m i c h e l l e

Oh man these are gorgeous!!!! And congrats on your Etsy shop. I wish you tremendous success!!!


Awesome Mail Art! Whoever gets this should most definitely have a smile on their face when they go to their mail box!


The giant spiders are about the size of a large cookie. Not a REALLY large cookie, but not a little one either. I'm hoping kitty, who is about 9 months old now but still a very small cat, will have grown a bit more by then, however I know they are'nt venemous.
The boy tackles mice, birds, I figure he can go get some of these spiders for me :) I mean can you imagine having spiders that size running across your floors? it makes me very nervous.
Your mail art is gorgeous :)



I think that

one of those

lovlies is

addressed to


just psychic


have been

xox - eb.




I'm pretty sure

that its

the top one

for sure

xox - eb.

Leslie Marsh

So loverly -- the explosion of colors on those envelopes. Guess you'll be wanting my address . . . ;-)

Penny Stuart

These envies are just "the coolest"! Love the the red circles....those are "too die for"!

jessi nagy

o to cool.
jessi nagy

Dad & Mom

Love your Mail-Art! Hope when we are in VT. I will find one of those happy missles in our mail box! What Fun! XOX, Mom


Oh, these are T o o o o cute!!! The mailman will be smiling when he makes a delivery! You KNOW my address, too!!!!


Oh, these are FAB!!!

Must read up on this.....


So fun, Jill! I LOVE what you created here! If I got something like that in the mail, I think I'd have it matted and framed!


These envelopes are faaab ;-)


omg, these are just pure, undiluted fun!


Very pretty :)



Art Tea Life

me me me ! I want mail art ! any jilly art!

oh me me meee!


Melissa Lobdell

These are fabulous!!!! Love your work!!! xo-Mel


Gorgeous! Love the sheerful colours and patterns on your envelopes.


I think I am going to try it! (Envelopes) What a Great Idea! Good Luck with Etsy! Have Fun!


love the awesome color combinations! the recipients are very lucky people.

Helle Greer

WOW Jill That is some awesome mail art!!! LOVE all of them
My Birthday is at the end of this week, he he


These are so vibrant and wonderful. Love them! And... ...MY... birthday is tomorrow ;-) OK, you'll not be able to make it all the way over the ocean to Germany, so it's OK :)))


Your use of abstract expression elements is very cool. The envies are bright, vibrant and rich with color.:D

ro bruhn

Fabulous art and WOW what great colours. Love it

kelli smith

they are just beautiful thanks for showing them

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